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With effect from 01 April 2020 Stephan Schnabel takes over as Chairman of the HELM AG Executive Board.

With this, the family-owned company will also once again be family-managed.


Since 2015, HELM has concentrated its Central America activities (incl. Peru + Ecuador) in Bogotá to provide better services to our customers.


With increased confidence in our partnership, product quality, services and support, a group of customers travelled to Germany to get an own impression about “German technology”.


Since 2012, branding activities are continuously intensified. This also includes promotion activities in close cooperation with our sales channels to create the necessary demand.


Dieter Schnabel takes over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Hans-Christian Sievers becomes Chairman of the Executive Board of HELM AG on 1 January.


In 2010, the cooperation with Lubline US was formed and since then, a very successful cooperation on Harvestol (and an oil for bananas) exists in Colombia. This cooperation is now extended to other markets in the world.


In the coming years, the portfolio was continuously extended to be able to provide a wide portfolio of crop solutions.

Originally starting with generics only, today the product range consists of post-patent solutions and in the near future also of new innovations.


Sales revenues of the HELM Group exceed the 5 billion Euro mark for the first time, at Euro 5,811,355.


On June 30th, 2005, the HELM global network was extended by opening HELM Andina in Bogotá.

The management at that time consisted of a local agent and a German colleague who started together to build up a Crop Protection distribution business. The first sales were in Boyacá, Antioquia, Tolima, Nariño and Meta.


The HELM group celebrates its 100th anniversary.


The Crop Protection division presents its first own formulation development.

The combination product Fungomil controls downy mildew, leaf blights and rots in vines, fruits and vegetables.


Dieter Schnabel becomes Chairman of the Executive Board.

Hermann Schnabel hands the management of HELM AG over to his son with the words: "Take care Dieter." The development from trading to international marketing begins.


HELM becomes a family-owned stock corporation.


Hermann Schnabel takes over the company from Karl O. Helm.

With primary focus on chemicals he constitutes the company that today operates worldwide.


Karl O. Helm establishes an import-export company in Hamburg for merchandise of every description.