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Terms of Use

The principal function of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website is to provide information relating to the company’s products and services.

This website is operated by HELM AG as parent company for HELM ANDINA SAS

HELM ANDINA SAS hereby explicitly requires the user of this Website to read these Conditions thoroughly before beginning to navigate within and/or use this Website. Should the user not accept these Conditions or any of the stipulations regarding the company’s Privacy Policy, we recommend that the user refrains from accessing or navigating within our company’s Website.

1. Acceptance of Terms 

At the moment that the user accesses the HELM ANDINA SAS webpage, they do this on their own responsibility and therefore fully accept the stipulations of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of this Website. HELM ANDINA SAS unilaterally reserves all rights to update and/or modify of these Conditions of Use and the contents of this Website at any time.
The use of this Website is free of charge, is at the discretion of the user, and is governed by the Terms and Conditions set out in this document; by accessing this Website the user acknowledges these and explicitly accepts them.

2. Content Rights

This Website and all its contents, including (but not limited) to texts, graphics, logos, animations and sounds are the property of HELM ANDINA SAS. The partial or full reproduction of these is forbidden, including (but not limited to) their translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access via analog or digital means, or via any other system or technological means, without the explicit prior written consent of the company.
The user may recover, display, print, copy or download any material from this Website as long as this is exclusively for their personal, non-commercial use and that they clearly refer to HELM ANDINA SAS as the content owner at the top of the printed page or screen on which the user displays these materials.

Regarding the contents displayed on the HELM ANDINA SAS Website, the user hereby explicitly agrees to:

  • Use these contents in a diligent, correct and legal manner
  • Not to use these contents, and in particular information of any other type obtained from or via HELM ANDINA SAS, for publicity purposes

HELM ANDINA SAS shall not be held responsible for any inappropriate use that Website users may make of the company’s Website contents.

Visitors to or users of the company’s Website hereby declare themselves personally responsible for any inappropriate, illegal or abnormal use of the contents, information or services of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website. Visitors to or users of the company’s Website hereby declare that they, whether directly or via associated parties, shall not make any attempt to attack, block, close or prevent the proper, regular and intended function of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website, its technology platform or its information systems.

Visitors to or users of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website hereby declare that they shall not send or transmit via or to this Website, whether to other Website users or any other individual(s) or organizations, any information that may be considered obscene, defamatory, insulting or discriminatory towards HELM ANDINA SAS, its officers or staff responsible for administering its Website.

Visitors to or users of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website hereby declare that they shall not engage on or from this Website in any illegal conduct such as (but not limited to) information technology-based damage or attacks, interception of communications, infringements of content rights, the unauthorized use of terminals, identity hijacking or cloaking, divulging company secrets or intellectual property, falsifying documents, or transmitting falsified documents and/or information.

3. Links to Third Parties

This Website may offer hyperlinks or access to third-party Websites owned by external organizations or private individuals, with the purpose of informing the user of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website of the existence of other information sources which may be in a position to complement the information thus provided by HELM ANDINA SAS, or with whom our company may have a relationship. HELM ANDINA SAS neither controls nor guarantees the content of these external Websites; neither is our company able to accept responsibility for the proper function or accessibility of these external Websites to which it may provide hyperlinks. HELM ANDINA SAS neither proposes, invites or recommends that users of its own Website visit these third-party Websites, and is thus unable to accept responsibility for any consequences of such visits or access.

The user hereby explicitly accepts that HELM ANDINA SAS cannot be held responsible for any contents, associated links, resources or associated services related to a third-party Website. The user equally accepts that HELM ANDINA SAS cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from their use of third-party content.

HELM ANDINA SAS cannot be held responsible for any consequences of inappropriate and/or unauthorized third-party access to the company’s database, and/or for any technical irregularity in the function and/or preservation of data in the systems in any of the navigation menus of the HELM ANDINA SAS Website.

Equally, HELM ANDINA SAS cannot guarantee the availability of its online services, or the availability of information that its Website users may require at a certain time. Neither can HELM ANDINA SAS accept responsibility for any inconvenience or possible damages to the user or third parties should its Website be unavailable.

Under no circumstances may HELM ANDINA SAS be held responsible for any attacks against or incidents involving its Website or information systems, neither for any exposure or unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal access to its Website, which may impact the confidentiality, integrity or authenticity of the information published on the company’s Website, or associated with the contents and services which may be offered there.

4. Responsibility for Contents 

Given that the several, various and currently applicable Website security measures used by HELM ANDINA SAS do not permit our company to guarantee the appropriate third-party action on and/or access to the company’s Website, HELM ANDINA SAS is unable to guarantee the exactness and/or veracity of the information contained on its Website; neither can our company guarantee that such information is current, nor that it has not been modified following publication on our company’s Website.

HELM ANDINA SAS is unable to guarantee that the contents of its Website are free of viruses or malware that may cause damage to or otherwise impact software, hardware, electronic documents and/or files stored on the user’s system.

5. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The user hereby renounces the right to bring against HELM ANDINA SAS, or register with any judicial or administrative authority, charges based on the application of any condition(s), norm(s) or agreement(s) which are not included in the Conditions of Use set out in this document.

These Conditions are governed by the Laws and Statutes of the Republic of Colombia.

The place of jurisdiction for any legal or judicial proceedings shall be the City of Bogotá, Republic of Colombia. Any dispute over the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions, or of the Laws and Statutes of the Republic of Colombia, shall be exclusively submitted to and resolved by the appointed judiciary of the Republic of Colombia.